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Romantic & Luxurious Heart Shaped Brooch Bridal Bouquet with Dazzling Silver Jewelry Pieces

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Brooch Bouquets 
We customize a variety of brooch bouquet styles.
Our production cycle:  5 days to design  a custom matched bouquet to your wedding theme colors and style.
Our Handmade Brooch Bouquet is absolutely amazing, dazzles the audience on your day to shine.
Bouquet handles are custom design to fit the individual bride. Please note your ribbon color choice at check out.
All ribbon colors available.
Size: 24*22*20cm
Length: 20 cm
Width: 22 cm
Height: 24cm
Processing time: 7-14days to manufacture
High quality and perfect design ~ our strong points!

This unique style bouquet finds its brilliance through a variety of accents in a beautiful wedding color scheme.


The accessories/pieces found in the bouquet are different brooches and pieces of jewelry attached to a central stem.



The outside is a twirly white nylon followed by a satin white trim.


The stem is wrapped in white satin with a crystal draping.


This bouquet comes readymade or can be made to order.


It can be taken apart and worn as separate pieces, or can be kept as a personal keep sake from your special day.




Why Choose a Brooch Bouquet? 


A brooch bouquet allows you to truly be unique and let your personality shine.


Be inspired not only by your tastes and preferences, but by your interests.


Need more reasons?


This truly is a lasting part of your big day and an instant heirloom.


Dresses get folded and tucked away in a closet...


Shoes get put on a shelf and rarely see the light of day...


A brooch bouquet can find a home many places and remind you everyday of your special day.


Our Company's first bouquet is a reminder to us of how lucky we are to create beauty, and it sits prominently in a place for us to be constantly reminded.


You no longer have to say goodbye to your wedding flowers after they wilt.


They will now last a lifetime and can be passed down to your children and grandchildren.


Thank you for letting us be a part of your very special day.