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Premium Stainless Steel Manual Stand Fresh Fruit Juice Juicer Press ~ for Citrus & Pomegranate

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Premium Stainless Steel Manual Stand Fresh Fruit Juice Juicer Press 

~ Uses as Citrus, Lemon, Lime & Orange Juice Reamer/Squeezer



Type: Stand Juicer/Reamer/Press for Citrus

Style: Juice Extractor

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Housing Material: Stainless Steel

Pulp Container Volume: 0.5L-1L

Capacity: <500ml

Laying Method:  Counter or Table

Rating (Rpm):<12000Rpm

Dimensions (L X W X H):  37*18.5*13.5cm

Manual Juicer ~ extracts orange, lemon, lime & even grapefruit and pomegranate juice very quickly and efficiently.

When extracting the juice, cut the fruit in half and place on the strainer, which will remove pulp and seed perfectly upon extraction.

This Juicer gives you all the freshest natural nutrition.

Easily wash the strainer and cup with tap water after each use.

Enjoy innovative features and good quality.

Material: Cold rolled steel for base and aluminum alloy for gear case and handle/stainless steel cup.