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Luxurious Genuine Leather Lattice Shoulder Bag with Chain & Woven Leather Strap ~ Med or Large

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Luxurious Genuine Leather Lattice Shoulder Bag with Chain & Woven Leather Strap ~ Med or Large

Brand Positioning: Designer, Luxury, Fashion, Fresh, Socialite
Product Material: Genuine Sheepskin Leather 
Interior Material:  Synthetic Leather
Style:  Classic, Luxurious
Closure:  Buckle Clasp and Inside Zipper
Pattern:  Beautiful Lozenge
Pockets:  Outer, main space & phone
Shoulder Strap:  Chain & Woven Leather Strap
Declared Value Of Products:   Not more than 20 dollars.
Medium Measurements:  27*16*8cm or 10.63*6.3*3.15in
Large Measurements:  31*18*9cm or 12.21*7.09*3.54in
Measurement Data:  Due to different measuring methods, the measuring may vary within 3 cm.
Color Difference:   Colors on your computer monitor or mobile may differ slightly from actual product colors depending on your settings.
Scent:   As this is genuine leather and is packed for shipping, the leather scent will be strong at first.  Just place the bag out in the air and the strong scent will go away.


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