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Luxurious & Elegant Knitted Genuine Russian Mink Fur Scarf with Mink "Flower" Closure

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Material: Real Mink Fur
Scarf Size: 12 width*100cm length
Please Note: Color & Measurement may Vary Slightly due to Different Screen Monitor Settings and Hand Measurement.
Please also Shake Scarf Initially to rid the Loose Hair that is a Natural Phenomenon with Real Fur.  This Phenomenon is Limited with our Brand but Can't Be Avoided Altogether, although It will Eventually continue to Lessen.
Fur Maintenance:

Anti-moist and anti-heat ~ Fur's biggest enemy is Sun & Moisture, so it's very important to avoid direct sunlight and hot humid places when storing the Fur.

Avoid chemicals ~ Don't use Perfume or Hair Spray when wearing your Fur Scarf, as these chemicals are alcoholic and will dry your Fur.

Handling Accidents ~ If Fur gets wet via rain or water, do not use a hair dryer to dry, as the Fur should not be exposed to heat.  Instead, hang the wet fur in a dry place and let it dry naturally.

As for Cleaning ~ take to a Professional Fur Cleaning Service. 

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