Fornasetti Italian Designer Vintage Styled Decorative "Beauty Illustration" Hanging Plate

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Designer Fashion Plate

Piero Fornasetti was born in Milan in November 10, 1913. He had a unique artistic vision and extraordinary imagination, and was elected as the most versatile of all artists. 

PF makes a point of using patterns of the sun, moon and women's faces as their own scheme, in ceramic tile, furniture, table service, construction, sketch painted over cloth, and so on. 


The style is complicated with a highly decorative effect, and is mysteriously imaginative.


Even after the death of the great Master, 20 years later, his and Bardelli's co decorative tile designs are still indelible classics in the home fashion field of decoration.



Our Fornasetti Plates come in 3 sizes:  6, 7 and 8 inch.

The Plates are made of Bone China.

The Top Quality of the plates is more for design purposes, but are ok with food too.

When you choose the 8 inch size, the spring and nails (as seen below) are included.



If you choose the 6 or 7 inch sizes, a support and label will be included (as seen below).